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The Main Stream Media Are A Fundamental Threat to American Democracy and Enemies of the American People

Not all Democrats are treasonous reprobates. But those who aren’t are starting to bail on a party that under Obama has degenerated into an obscenity. For example, Pat Caddell looks about ready to choke on his disgust while discussing Obama’s disgraceful bungling of the terror attack in Benghazi and the “mainstream” media’s equally disgraceful attempts to cover for him. Last night on Jeanine Pirro’s show he provided an apt description of the Obamunists running both the government and the establishment media:

“I am appalled right now. This White House, this president, this vice president, the secretary of state — all of them are willing apparently to dishonor themselves and this country for the cheap prospect of getting reelected, willing to cover up and lie, and the worst thing is the very people who are supposed to protect the American people and the truth, the leading m

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