Dutch-Moroccan Jihadis start dying in Syria

Today the death of 20 year old Dutch-Moroccan Jihad fighter Soufian was announced. Earlier this week Dutch-Morroccan Jihadi Mourad (pic), also 20, was killed in Syria. Both men lived in Delft, a picturesque well preserved 16/17th century town popular with tourists.

The Dutch secret service AIVD (a bunch of clerks excelling at desk research) warned potential Jihad enthusiasts dying to go to Syria, that fighting for the rebels could actually be dangerous. According to the AIVD dozens of Dutch nationals (of Moroccan and other foreign/islamic descent) have already left for Syria to fight.

Two Dutch terrorism experts said the limited military experience of Dutch Jihadists and their inability to speak Arab, makes them suitable only for odd jobs behind the front lines or as cannon fodder.