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Religion Is The Great Hijacker - Part 4 - Sin

Part 4 of a 14 part series presented by YouTube's victimlesscriminal, Religion Is The Great Hijacker explores the tendency of religious institutions to "hijack" common human experiences by branding them as the exclusive domain of their god. Examples include morality, the 'soul,' 'sin,' comfort, justice, charity, mystery and many more.

I will be attempting to post the entirety of this series over the next few days, hopefully to the enjoyment of Liveleak's non-religious users and no doubt the disdain of its religious followers.

To quote victimlesscriminal's description:

"This is religion's trump card. It's the big one.

Religious clerics have hijacked a psychological phenomenon common to all normal humans in order to sustain the concept of an objective reality called sin.

Sin did not exist when religious pioneers invented it. It does not exist now. And it will never exist.

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By: scumsberg
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