Future Porn - Concept Vehicles of Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Or 'Japanese car manufacturers are really into TRON'

Tokyo motor show 2013.

the first bike is the is the Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV. A futuristic motorbike fueled on electricity.
One of its key features is the option to change your driving position. Two options, the Comfort mode and Sport Mode. i call 'em chill and kill.

The 2nd is theToyota FV2. The minimalist single-seat concept is a glimpse at Toyota's idea of a "fun to drive" vehicle in the future.

The FV2 is essentially a pod with a diamond-shaped wheel array (what powers said wheels has not been disclosed), and Toyota says that the technology of the vehicle allows it to gauge the driver's mood and suggest possible destinations (for example, if your car thinks you look horny, it my recommend a local brothel)

This constant interference doesn't end there. the car can also act as a mood ring of sorts with exterior colors and patterns that can change based on the driver's mood. so if it think you've been acting like a dick recently, it might very well display a variety of dongs all over itself.