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For KingfordLM - the 'non-terrorist' activities yesterday
 Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

  • Activists: insurgents detonate explosive devices in several houses in
    Al-Khaldia neighborhood

  • Pro-government activists: Free Army militia detonate several buildings
    in Jouret Al-Shyah neighborhood of Homs city

  • Armed rebels attack an electricity transformer in Homs province and resulted in its failure

  • A car bomb explosion appears on Edlib – Bab Al-Hawa highway, that when
    the suicidal driver attempts to enter Kfrya town this morning, what
    resulted in material damages in Al-Saleh Gas Station and the road block

  • Activists: armed rebels break in an exam center in Ma’ret Al-Noua’man
    of Edlib countryside what resulted in destroying the center

  • An explosive device get detonated on Edlib – Sermin road and resulted
    in the injury of several civilians include women. Another explosion of
    explosive charge appears on Edlib – Aryha Road at Nahlia junction;
    resulted in material damages only

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