Grandmaster Albert Pike (Jesuit Coadjutor) designed 3 worldwars in 1871 overseen by Jesuit John Peter de Smet

The 3rd World War was designed between Israel and The Middle East , no wonder Radical Islam (controlled by The Knights of malta) does the Heil Hitler salute and no wonder Pope serving Masonic Labor Zionist state of Israel was founded right after WW2.

Albert Pike was supervised by a Belgian Jesuit John Peter de Smet who also co-founded the Mormon Cult , designed the 14th Amendment and was the Grand Inquisitor of The Native Americans because he tutoured General Sherdian who said:The only good indian is a dead indian , influencing the Status Quo and mentality of the masses.

Many sources on the web try to debunk the Albert Pike story saying the letter he wrote to Gussepe Mazzini in 1871 was a hoax but tell me why this letter was removed from the jesuit controlled British Museum as soon as Walter Veith exposed this ? Right !

The Israel / Palestinian Conflict exposed (i place it here because its blocked on nazi controlled Google+):

Israel - The Anti-Semitic Leadership - by Eric Jon Phelps

Most sources won't mention the influence of nazism in Radical islam aswel as Nazism in Labor Zionism being controlled by The Jesuit controlled Vatican through the Jesuit controlled Council on Foreign relations

The Jesuit controlled CFR influence Labor Zionism aswel as Radical Islam
The Israel / Palestine conflict exposed - by Eric Jon Phelps 2014

and The British Crown. Its all the agenda for ww3 designed 143 years ago by jesuit coadjutor Albert Pike the pope of Freemasonry ,

Albert Pike's WW1, WW2 & WW3 Israel Palestine - Jesuit Controlled by Jean Pierre de Smet;amp;index=20&list=PLibQRFVEoYfiSMRD-BkYg1SVhLlcZEywL

ww3 was designed between Israel and the Middle East spreading international , so its no wonder that Israel was created just right after ww2 in 1947 and Nazism already came to israel in 1933 during the transfer agreement

ISRAEL 1933 - The Transfer Agreement - The real start of Nazism in the Middle East

also Nazism came to Radical islam

Nazism in Radical Islam - Albert Pike's WW3 in plain view;amp;list=PLibQRFVEoYfjGveGPpFDzJI_7stzlxLvP

through Hitler and Himmler in 1941 influencing Haj Amin al Husseini who founded the Palestinian PLO , 33rd degree Freemason Yaser Arafat got in his footsteps and Mammoud Abbas in his footsteps and he founded Fatah and Benito Mussolini who brought Nazism to The Muslim Brotherhood which founded Hamas

The Muslim Brotherhood and who controls it - SMOM Papal Nobility !

, The Nazi Zionist Leaders financed the Jewish Holocaust and also founded Israel together with the overseeing Roman Hierarchy in control of all High level Freemasonry who brought Hitler to power in 1933 by the Reichsconcordat

Papal Nobility King Juan Carlos Farnese was the Roman Emperor of Israel now his son wil take over that function.

The Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Onward Christian Zionism

Both Shimon Peres and Nethanyahu are 33rd degree Freemasons and CFR members Shimon Peres was trained by Jesuits in Poland and is a Knight of The British Empire aswel as St Michael.

Israel is in Trouble by Barry Chamish

The Equestrian order of The Holy Sepulchre

The British Crown - Jesuit controlled since King George III 1773

GEORGETOWN jesuit UNIVERSITY Controls USA , CFR / Trilateral / Bilderberg / UN / Chatham / Club of Rome

The real power lies in unity in the mind and acting that way , therefor we al need to agree first , therefor we need the right historical facts to come to healthy conclusions and judgements , in my opinion we are far removed from that and it thus depends on those who are sincere and want to do the trouble to get to the bottom of it all thinking for themselfs. I recommend some help sources like the work of Eric Jon phelps his book Vatican Assassins III because it saves you so much time and lots of dead end streets , you don't have to agree with everything he say's just take the facts not many comes close to his extended research.