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Iraq Backs Off Allegations That Iran Is Behind Violence
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By Leila Fadel and Shashank Bengali
McClatchy Newspapers

Sunday 04 May 2008

Baghdad - The Iraqi Government seemed to distance itself from US accusations towards Iran Sunday saying it would not be forced into conflict with its Shiite neighbor. And Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki ordered the formation of a committee to look into foreign intervention in Iraq.

As the government appeared to back down from its hardening stance against Iran, four marines were killed in Anbar in the deadliest attack in the Sunni province in months.

The government spokesman, Ali al Dabbagh, told reporters Sunday that a committee was formed to find "tangible information" about foreign intervention, specifically Iran's role in Iraq rather than "information based on speculation."

"We don't want to be pushed into any conflict with any neighboring countries, especially Iran. What


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