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Muslims and Christians not ready to share. By Gwynne Dyer

Take away the places where resentment grows - make them museums, says Gwynne Dyer

There was an unpleasant incident in Cordoba cathedral last week.

It was the world's second-biggest mosque until the Spanish reconquest of the city in the 13th century, and a group of 120 Muslim tourists from Austria was visiting it.

Suddenly, half a dozen of them began to pray - and the security guards intervened and told them to stop.

They refused, so the police were called.

Two young men from the group still would not stop, there was a scuffle between them and the police, and they were arrested.

One security guard and one policeman, we are told, were "slightly injured", but one suspects that they did not need time off work to recover ("... and then the accused struck me right in the fist with his face, Your Honour, causing this cut on my ring finger").

The bishop's office offers


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