Ted Stevens Airport -- Snow Day ... Cargo Companies Takeoff in Snow

Thanks to the FedEx Express crew who gave me a ride today. I took advantage of the action and filmed several takeoffs and ramp operations from the cockpit and outside in the frigid temperatures. My iPhone 5S got the best of me for several of the shots -- I apologize. IF YOU DON'T LIKE AIRPLANE PORN, DON'T WATCH .. YOU'RE SURE TO BE BORED TO DEATH!!
In some scenes, the volume was deleted on purpose.

I have a 1080P version of this video but Liveleak wouldn't let me upload due to the 1000MB restrictions. I've yet to hear from them so I'm uploading the 720P version.

Seen in the video:

Atlas Air -- Boeing Dreamlifter 747
Cathay Pacific Cargo -- Boeing 747-8F
UPS Airlines -- MD-11F
UPS Airlines -- Boeing 747-400F
FedEx Express -- MD-11F
Korean Air Cargo -- Boeing 747-400F
FedEx Express -- Boeing 777F
Nippon Cargo -- Boeing 747-8F
UPS Airlines -- Boeing 747-400F
Polar Air Cargo -- Boeing 747-400F