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"The Iceman Confesses: Secrets of a Mafia Hitman" Part 2 (1/4)

Infamous serial-killer-cum-hitman for the Gambino crime family explains his life of crime (kill tally unknown). Weapons employed: Fists, knife, bat, rope, pistol, shotgun, fire, cyanide. Tortured and mutilated victims depending on the contract.



[URL=""]"Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman", psychiatrist Park Dietz interviews Richard Kuklinski[/URL]

[URL=""]"Carlos the Jackal", Life and Crimes of an International Terrorist[/URL]

2 New York detectives who were hitmen for the mafia

[URL=""]"Career of a CIA Assassin", the life of David Sanchez Morales[/URL]

[URL=""]"Career of a CIA Assassin", the life of Chip Tatum[/URL]

Added: Sep-14-2008 
By: lasrever
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