Extraordinary Footage Shows Python Eating Hyena

Jos Bakker was on holiday in Kenya when he came across an incredibly rare sight: a massive rock python swallowing a hyena.

The epic encounter was seen on the side of a road in the Masai Mara reserve. Researchers in the area were alerted to the incident, National Geographic said, and were able to track down the snake as it began the slow process of digesting its giant meal.

Mike Kowalski, one of the researchers who found the snake, said it was very rare that a python would tackle prey as dangerous to it as a large hyena, whose jaws would easily be able to crush its skull. “To my knowledge there has been no precedent for this in terms of documentation,” Kowalski told National Geographic.
Bakker told Storyful that he couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s not hard to see why. Credit: Jos Bakker


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