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Volcanoes on Venus May be Young and Active

Volcanoes on Venus May be Young and Active
By Andrea Thompson Senior Writer
posted: 08 April 2010
02:04 pm ET

New evidence for recently active volcano hotspots on Venus like those that created the Hawaiian Islands has been found in new observations by a European spacecraft.

These relatively young and potentially active surface features could give scientists clues to how the planet has resurfaced over the last billion years, which in turn could help better understand the interior dynamics of Venus, as well as climate change on Earth's nearest neighbor and on Earth itself.

The hotspots on Venus' hellish surface were first recognized by NASA's Magellan spacecraft, which entered into orbit around the planet in 1990. These hotspots stood out because they had a distinctive rise in topography, volcanic centers and telltale gravity signatures.

The hotspot sites were the

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