Brawl Breaks Out on The View With John Ziegler's On His Documentary 'Media Malpractice'

John Ziegler was on The View today to talk about his upcoming documentary, 'Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected,' and all hell broke loose after about a minute and a half. Transcript? HA! Not a chance! You'll see after you watch this.

I think this is the strongest and most amped up I've seen Elisabeth get in a while because she finally had someone on her side, so she wasn't powerless against the other witches in the coven. And this is a subject Elisabeth feels very strongly about, as do many other Americans - the liberal media shat on Sarah Palin, all the while giving Barack Obama a nice reach-around.

Ziegler's documentary is right on. And Elisabeth felt empowered to fight today because it was obvious Ziegler was willing to take on the lot of them, and you could tell she felt that power in numbers (and intellect, in this case).

Toward the end, I thought Barbara was going to blow a gasket. I've never seen her lose her cool like she did with Ziegler, and it was quite a delight to see! Don't you just love it when bedwetting know-it-alls realize they're getting their asses kicked, yet they still keep crying "but..but...but!!!!"

I think if the ladies had known verbal judo, they would have just kept yelling out "STOP RESISTING! STOP RESISTING!" Wouldn't THAT be a fun COPS episode?
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