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25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map


UPLOADER'S FOREWORD: I do not intend to bash the US Armed Forced, I am neither a hippie nor a "lib". What I am trying to say is that it is completely wrong to think that our American army is somewhat better or different from other armies of the world in being more scrupulous in matters of protecting civilians from combat actions. NO, NO, NO AND, ONCE AGAIN, NO. The Pentagon, the US media, multiple American politicians used to speak about wars in which other countries took part, like Chechen wars, Yugoslavian Civil War, the Kosovo Conflict etc. as about wars which are "too cruel" and conducted "in a wrong way" and therefore had to be stopped. OUR OWN WARS ARE NOT LESS CRUEL.

Now, you are kindly invited to read the article. Thank you.

An American-led military unit pulverized an Af


Added: Jan-21-2011 
By: Oh, dear!
Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East
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