Prophecies about fate of Russia,Third world war, Antichrist !!!

words are true because they are written on the saints elders of our last
times (1900-2000years),these people are not any accomplices and
adherents of sects,Mormons and other shit,and this is so not only in my
opinion but also many people here in Russia.Very literal translation
from Russian.

The Reverend Lawrence of Chernigov (ukraine) -
Blessed is the man who does not wish to,and therefore will not see the
horrible face of the Antichrist (in fact he will be good-looking).Who
will see and hear the blasphemy of his speech with a promise of all
earthly goods - those are tempted and go to meet him with adoration.And
with him they would die for eternal life,will burn in eternal fire!

We asked the Reverend:"How can these things be?"And he replied with tears:
In the holy place will stand the abomination of desolation and show to
the world a vile seducer, who will deceive people,rebelled against
God,and create false miracles.And after them will be the antichrist! The
whole world will see it disposable.
To the question:"Where in the holy place,in the church?"Rev. Lawrence said:
Not in the church,at home! Earlier in the corner stood a table with the
saints,icons,but then will be fitted seductive(television,internet)...
*for seduced people.Many have erred will say:we need to watch and listen
to the news.Here's in the news and will be the Antichrist,and they will
accept him.

Third World War will be not for repentance,but for
destroying.Where it passes,there will not be people.Will be so strong
bombs that the iron will burn,stone melting.Fire and smoke with dust to
the sky.And the land will burn.They will fight and remains two or three
states.People remain very few and then will begin to scream:Down with
war! Let's elect one! Put a king! They`ll choose a king who will be born
from the lascivious woman of the twelfth knee.And the Antichrist will
sit on the throne in Jerusalem.

In Russia will be prosperity of
faith and former jubilation (just for a short time because will come
the Scary judge to judge alive and the dead).Even the antichrist will be
afraid of the Russian king(??).With the Antichrist Russia will be the
most powerful kingdom in the world.And the others all countries except
Russia and the Slavic lands will be under the authority of the
Antichrist and experience all the horrors and torments written in the
Scriptures.(end of the 40-s)

Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov about Putin and Russia.-
Father Nikolai,who will come after Yeltsin? What can we expect?
- after will be a military man.
- How soon?
... His power will be a commanding.But his age is small,as he is.There
will be persecution on the Monks and church.Authorities will be like
under the Communists and Politburo.
- And later what will be?
- After will be the Orthodox Tsar.
- And we will live then,sir?
- Yes,you will.(september, 1997y.)

Priest Guriy (Yuri Chezlov),(1934-2001)
"The image of the beast" from the Apocalypse - it is a computer that
will stamp the mark of the Antichrist.The final seal (mark) of
Antichrist- is the coincidence (identification) of numbers on your
body,in your document and in the computer.It definitively leads to
hell.But the mere evasion of taking the print of Antichrist God imputes
as sufficient feat to get to heaven...
..At first will be a civil
war.All believers will be taken away,and then will begin the
bloodshed.God will save "his"(people) and remove unwanted.Then China
will attack and come to the Urals.
..Michael the Archangel will
frighten the Chinese and they will accept Orthodoxy (Russian
religion),and we will elect a Tsar.11 million of Chinese people will die
in the war.
..- "Father" warned -take nothing (new documents..) and not to sign up anything without blessing.

St. Feofan, Poltava, (1930-s-)
Russia will be restored monarchy,autocratic power.God hath chosen the
future king.He will be a passionate man of faith,a brilliant mind and an
iron will.At first he wil restore order in the Orthodox Church,remove
all untruths,heresy and lukewarm bishops.And many,many with a few
exceptions, almost all will be removed,and the new,true,steadfast
bishops will take their place ... There will be something what is nobody
expects.Russia will rise from the dead and the whole world will be

Elder Stefan of Karul (athos) predictions about America -
by the way soon will be collapsed,disappear
horribly,completely.Americans will run,try to escape to Russia and
Serbia.It will be"(1990-s).

Pelagia of Ryazan -
people in the world with hunger will get the antichrist sign,very few
who will not wish it.This stigma forever closes from accepting a grace
of repentance,that is,they will never be able to repent and go to hell!
for people who adopted the symbol of the Antichrist enough only for six
months,and then they'll begin the great tribulation,they will seek
death but not find!..... - Said the blind Pelagia from Ryazan. (1st half
20th cent.)

ELDER Bessarion (Optin`s place):
In Russia
will happen something like a coup.In the same year the Chinese will
attack.They`ll reach to the Urals.Then will be reunifying with the
Russian Orthodox principle ...

Joseph of Vatoped: - There
will be war,wars,and we will have a great difficulty...On the territory
of the former Byzantine Empire will be a great battle.Only the dead will
be about 600 million people.

Elder Seraphim (Tyapochkin) (04/06/1982) -
biggest tragedy would be is the capture of Siberia by China.This will
come not through military means: the Chinese because of the dilution of
power and open borders with masses will move to Siberia,buy real
estate,businesses,apartments.Through bribery,intimidation,treaties with
the powers they`ll gradually subjugate the economic life of
cities.Everything will happen so that in one morning Russian people
living in Siberia - wake up in the Chinese state.The fate of those who
remained there will be tragic,but not hopeless.The Chinese will be
dealing with all attempts of resistance.West will contribute to this
creeping conquest of our land and promote the military and economic
power of China with hatred to Russia.Russia must stand in this
battle,after the suffering and complete impoverishment,it will find the
strength perk.

Elder Jeronim Sanaksarskiy (6.O6.2001)
will have new life.And once again righteous rise from our earth,and
again,once again Mother of God will tell us how to deal with Russian
Land.Russia will rise again,but after great difficulty, tears and
misery.We will be poor,but strong in spirit - and so we shall be
saved.As a result the world war all earth will switch to Russia.In the
Third World War Russia will remain aloof from the conflict,not causing
response [nuclear] attacks.The main fight will happen between the USA,
Europe and China,which are mutually weaken each other,eliminating the
administration,defense, sovereign capacity and ruining the economy.After
the war only in Russia will remain sovereign integrity and the
potential for global leadership.

VYACHESLAV Krasheninnikov
(born in 1982,died in 1993,little boy from Chebarcul-city,some people
think him as an angel and a saint)---
Times will be worse than under
Stalin.Russia will begin to split (federally maybe..).China will go with
war.People will live a little bit better,but then will hide food from
people under the ground(??) and hunger begins.The final document will be
a world passport in the form of a small,very cute little gray plastic
card.When people will get it,specially installed equipment will be on
the forehead or right hand in the form of tattoos apply three small rays
of six.Initially,it will not be seen,but then they like electronic
display on the forehead and hand will glow green light.If a man who
could not stand the hunger will go to the shop and take a food,so then
passing through the cashier he will get three sixes.Those who will get
such number will not be able to die.They will be like immortal.If a
person will try to get rid of those sixes and cut off his arm,but then
the sixes will appear in the other place.Then though to cut in pieces a
man,on every piece will show up three sixes.War will be such that
somewhere will be going bloody battles and somewhere without a single
shot will take:in the evening fall asleep Russians and wake up in the
morning with Chinese.The Chinese will kill our men and boys and
sterilize our population.Then Americans for the first time in the world
will apply to the Chinese a new psychological weapon,which only affects
this race and drive away them back home,but the action of this weapon
will such that even in their own China,they will never be able to be
normal.Churches of Christian and Muslim mosques will have a little
remake (the roofs will make in Chinese style),put in front of gate the
dragon,which instead of the bell will sound a muffled lingering noise
that gather people to worship.Resisting people will be killed or
hanged.After Yeltsin will be the ruler who does not belong to any
parties and no one knows him.England will sink and the British will be
evacuating to Russia,England and the government know about it but they
don`t believe it.Slava said that hell is really exists and it is
underneath us.He said that at the very bottom of hell is very
cold,there's ice and the greatest of sinners.In America will explode two
large identical houses,and then from below blow up the Statue of
Liberty.It will happen so - the statue will make a step and crumble into
pieces.When the devil (antichrist) will create false wonders and say
that he is God,then Christians will see in him a Jesus Christ,Muslims -
Mohammed and Buddhists - the Buddha,but some Buddhists will
doubt,because Buddha was not going to come.Around him will be a lot of
demons,and people will see him as a god,each of its,and the demons will
appear to them like angels.From the devil will come a strong stench,but
people will not feel it.Only a few will not go to look at him.This Devil
will "move" the Mountains,and people will touch a "came" beyond the sea
mountain with great surprise,but in fact any mountain will not be,it
will seem to them.But fire from the sky he will show the real one.People
who remained faithful to God,the Lord will cover with such force that
these people living in small settlements will be unavailable to evil
forces.They simply will not be visible.Those who do not betray God will
not change,just stay ordinary people.And this is their victory.

Vanga - blind seer from Bulgaria.
fear! American brothers will fall,pecked by the iron birds.Wolves will
howl from the bush,and innocent blood will spill like a river "- Said
in1989 y.
"Everything will melt as ice,only one will remain untouched
- the glory of Vladimir (??),the glory of Russia.Too much
sacrificed.Nobody can stop Russia.All of it will sweep out of its way
and not only continues,but will become a ruler of the world."
is now called the Union.But the old Russia will return and will be
named the same as at St. Sergius.Everyone will recognize Russian
spiritual superiority,and America too.
It will happen after 60
years.Before that three countries will approach - China,India and
Russia. Bulgaria will be with them only together with Russia if it
become part of it.Without Russia Bulgaria has no future."- (said in 1979

Eudokia Chudinovskaya from Chelyabinsk region (1870-1948)
first will be opening the churches,but walk in them no one will,then
will build many splendid houses with decorations,but live soon in them
nobody will,because will come the Chinese and throw all out on the
street,then and will to cry enough.But when it will - it's a mystery.One
person told me that the end of the world will have two Easters.Right
and wrong.Priesthood will celebrate the wrong- and war begins.

prophecy of John the monk from Yaroslavl region,Russia.-- "China will
go with war to us with the 200 million army and will take the whole of
Siberia to the Urals. The Japanese will be "bossing" at the Far East.
Russia will become torn apart by this. Will begin the terrible war.
Russia will remain within the boundaries of the times of King Ivan the

The monk Paisiy. Athos,Greece.(90-s)
tells me that there will be many events:Russians will occupy
Turkey,Turkey will disappear from the map,because one third of the Turks
will become Christians,one third will die and another third will go to
Mesopotamia.Middle East will become an arena of wars in which will
participate Russians.In Constantinople will happen the great war between
Russians and Europeans and will spill much blood.

Reverend Nile (ascetic). Athos,Greece (18th Century).
evil fetus will be born into the world when will be impoverishment of
the virtues.Confusion of people will
of faith,adultery,fornication boast.Atrocities that people will do,will
surpass atrocities of modern the "flood" people.Everyone will be
talking only about evil,only evil intentions,evil pleasure,the unity is
only for a spite,deeds of all are only evil,universal evil
plunder,universal evil oppression,universal evil separation,universal
evil disengagement.With all of this will think that the doer of evil -
saves himself...As will be multiplied self-interest,insofar will be
multiplied and disasters in the world...People will not feel any desires
of eternal future life,or fear of eternal damnation...And then this
impure birth will produce signs and wonders with demonic dreams.The
world will imagine that this Antichrist is meek and lowly in heart,but
in fact he will be -"fox" in heart and -"wolf" in soul... Confusion of
people will be his food...And will become Antichrist the head over the
cities,villages and the districts of the villages,after not having any
chiefs in the villages,towns and rural districts.Then he seize power
over the world,will become manager of the world,will also dominate on
the feelings of man.Being in perdition,people will think that he is
Christ the Savior and that he accomplishes their salvation.And
then,during that foretold disaster the Antichrist will start to "print"(??) his evil stamps on people,ostensibly in order to with this sign to save them from disaster.The "marked"
people,despite the availability of bread for them - will devour
corpses.Oh,unhappy one who will get this mark of the beast! This cursed
stamp will bring a great disaster to the world! And when Antichrist will
sit on his throne,then sea will boil like water boiling in boiler.Day
will rotate as an hour,week as a day,month as a week,and year as month
(??).Oakwood and all cedars,all will withered from marine glow,dry up
water veins,animals,birds and reptiles - all will die.The prophets Enoch
and Elijah will be convincing the people not to take the mark of the
Antichrist.....They will say that those who will reveal patience and
will not be "marked" with the symbol of Antichrist,so that one will be
saved,and God will surely take him to heaven,only for the simple fact
that he didn't take this "mark".After killing Enoch and Elijah the
Antichrist will release his evil cubs,give way to evil spirits which he
held back until then....

Saint Ephraim the Syrian "The word about end of the world." (4th century).
Some excerpts:
strongly will weep and sigh every soul,while everyone will see that an
unspeakable sadness oppresses them day and night and nowhere to find
food to satisfy the hunger.Because cruel overseers will be placed
there,and who only has on its forehead or right hand the stamp (sign) of
the tormentor - those will be allowed to buy some food that may be
found there...
In those days will
be great need from a lot of grief,caused by the serpent,from fear and
the earthquake and sea noise,from hunger and thirst and gnawing of
animals.And all who have taken the stamp of Antichrist and worshiped to
the Antichrist as the good God,they will have no part in the kingdom of
Christ,but with the serpent will be thrown into the abyss.Blessed is
that who will appear entirely holy and faithful,who have heart
undoubtedly devoted to God...

Mother Alypia from Kiev,Ukraine. (1960-90s)
will begin on the Apostles Peter and Paul - she said.Will lie:there
hand,there leg (bodies).It will happen when carry out a corpse."(maybe
Lenin in mausoleum...)
....What will be first,hunger or war,- have asked mother Alypia."As for the saving of people better" - was the answer.....

The Emperor Leo,in
story about "TsarGrad"(Constantinople) ... - ,talking about the column,
stated in Constantinople,writes,that the patriarch interpreted the
inscription which was on the column:"The meaning of this inscription
is-the one,that after Muslims the Christians will take Constantinople
(istanbul),and then will sit on the throne the Christian Emperor"(in
church Hagia Sophia that was conquered by the Muslims) - 13th Century

Note: Symbol of the antichrist - it means written in the
book of Revelation (John the Theologian) about mark of the beast that
will apply on the human body (forehead,right hand).

On the right side the images of those who said this (in series,not all).They are renowned in Russia and honorable.

(based on the stories,testimonies,hagiography)