Pre-New Years Critical Mass reportback

Critical Mass DC rode on the evening of December 27, getting a surprisingly good turnout for a winter ride. Critical Mass rides now depart Dupont Circle at about 8PM on the last Friday of every month.
This ride wound through the streets and climbed Capitol Hill for a stopover at Upper Senate Park. The next phase of the ride high-speeded it up Constitution Ave and ended up at the Kennedy Center.

Security guards at the Kennedy Center harassed riders, with one guard charging out at a pack of dozens of riders yelling "stop." Some kind of accomomdation led to most riders walking their bikes. At that point I headed out, as for riders to dismount in the face of attack made them vulnerable if the security goons decided they wanted to escalate their harassment. These guards have a reputation for harassing cyclists, but may have bitten off more than they could chew last night.


Kennedy Center security harassed patrons parking bikes in 2011, probably they still do. If you ride, I advise boycotting Kennedy Center events over the harassment of patrons for locking bikes to street signs on PUBLIC sidewalks.