Cross-Dressing Man Commits Meth-Fueled Sexual Assault, Crime Spree

ANCHORAGE - Two grandparents were getting ready for a camping trip with their grandchild Wednesday morning when a large man stumbled through the front door of their Downtown home wearing only a black bra and Capri jeans.

The grandmother sent the 7-year-old upstairs to hide, and she then told the intruder get out of her house. The man punched her in the jaw, knocking her to the ground and causing a severe back injury.

While pacing around the house, eating a banana and masturbating, the unwelcome visitor also “karate kicked” the grandfather in the chest. Eventually he settled in for a bath, giving the family enough time to alert police.

But the strange series of events described by Anchorage Police Department detectives in court documents was only the tail end of an alleged methamphetamine-fueled crime spree.

Travis Felder, 40, faces more than a dozen charges for incidents spread over three separate crime scenes.

Drug-fueled Fight Over Clothes

According to charging documents, a woman and a toddler were asleep inside a Gambell Street storage unit, with Felder sunbathing nearby on a car owned by the woman. He was wearing nothing except a black bra and Capri jeans.

Felder was confronted by the storage facility’s management shortly before 10 a.m. and told he could not sunbathe in the area. Management left, but Felder was upset.

“He was angry with (the victim) over her comment about him wearing women’s clothing, and he had been punching her and hitting her,” Detective John Vandervalk wrote, referring to an interview conducted by another investigator.

About 20 minutes after the confrontation with management, the woman went to the storage facility’s office to seek refuge there. She told them she had been physically and sexually assaulted and that she was afraid Felder would kill her.

While the victim was locked in the office with employees, Felder allegedly made his way in by climbing onto a balcony and entering through a sliding door. He said he needed to use the bathroom but instead went back outside, where he apparently switched off power breakers to disable security video cameras -- then left.

Moments later, police took a call from a homeowner who said there was a black man dressed as a woman inside his house without permission, lying in a bed upstairs.

The homeowner negotiated with the man, identified by police as Felder, and got him to agree to leave for a ride to Northern Lights Boulevard and Maplewood Street.

Felder’s next stop was the home of the family gearing up for a camping trip.

A Colorful Past

Felder's expansive rap sheet includes four prior assault convictions, the latest this January, and he was convicted 10 years ago for misconduct involving a controlled substance. But most notable is a 1992 manslaughter conviction that drew a 17-year sentence.

The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reported that Felder and Guy Dubourg, 19, went to an apartment to collect money related to a drug debt, bringing along pistols.

Felder and Dubourg began pistol whipping Myers, according to the newspaper, and as Felder used the .45 as a club, it discharged and struck Dubourg in the chest. Felder agreed to a plea bargain on a charge of manslaughter, rather than second-degree murder, and he ended up with a 17-year sentence.

Since being released from the lengthy stint, Felder was convicted in April 2004 for assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and misconduct involving a controlled substance in Anchorage.

The Frontiersman also reported that Felder was arrested in 2006 for going door-to-door in Settlers Bay subdivision, west of Wasilla, wearing nothing except running shoes.

By 2013, Felder apparently for a moment appeared to have righted his path: he was featured in an Anchorage Press article on the cost of maintaining a large prison population.

"I always wondered why I did not get 99 years, because that’s what happens in this state,” Felder told the Press. “For whatever reason I was fortunate. I think I’ve made it this far so I could make amends.”

But now he again faces unclassified felony charges and the potential 99-year sentence stemming from the recent alleged crime spree.

$1 Million Man

A detective wrote that when Felder was transported to APD on Wednesday that he admitted using marijuana and methamphetamine and that he was "very high" throughout the incident at the storage facility, the break-in at the first house and his encounter with the grandparents.

Felder also reported to police once he was in police custody that he had put drugs into his anus, though no stashes were located when doctors checked using an X-ray.

Felder faces 13 charges, including sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, evidence tampering, burglary, assault and criminal trespass.

During a Thursday afternoon court hearing, Anchorage Superior Court Judge ordered Felder to be held in lieu of a $1 million cash-only bond.

A prosecutor pushed for the high number due to the extensive criminal history.

The woman who police believe was sexually assaulted and the grandmother who suffered back injuries are recovering in local hospitals.