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Deep sea obelisk - Alignments to Giza, Stonehenge and Xi'an.  

Aligned to Giza, Stonehenge and Xi'an pyramid. see below and comments
Very strange structure found in the middle of the ocean on earth. It's roughly 4800 meters high from the seabed and 220 meter below sea level. Also there is a hole going into the ground for about 3000 meter.
Very strange if you ask me, doesn't look like a natural formation, way to pointy or sharp. Things in the sea should erode pretty quick.
Also I remember something on the moon that had the same characteristics.

new video with Stonehenge, Giza and China pyramids relation to the obelisk.


Update: As pointed out by "Rapture402602" in the comments the Pyramid at the Giza complex is exactly on the other side of the earth. Then I checked the China pyramid at Xi'an. The distance in between is 180km more the the official diameter of the earth, m

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By: RFM420
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