Armed man enters Dutch public newstation! Video!

An armed man entered the NOS (dutch public broadcasting netwerk) demanding to get 10 minutes live airtime.
The channel went on a blackout soon after (this footage was not aired).

He took a guard hostage and went to a studio where the above was filmed.
He was arrested ~12 minutes after the breach.

Video from police side. Credit:

(filmed by a reporter)

The note he had with him. Credit:


"When you read this, don't panic. Don't start yelling and don't warn your colleagues. Act like nothing is happening. I am heavily armed. If you work with us nothing will happen to you. Be aware that I am not on my own. There are five more, plus 98 hackers that are ready for a cyberattack. On top of that, eight heavy explosives have been placed in this country. They contain radioactive material. If you don't bring me to studio 8 to take over the broadcast we will be forced to go in action. You don't want to have that on your conscience, do you? So take me to studio 8, the NOS studio.

(some parts are repeated here, heavily armed, 98 hackers, cyberattack, 8 explosves, radioactive material)...

They want to hold a live broadcast to tell their story. If the live broadcast gets interrupted in any kind of way, we will go over into action. Their conditions are as follows:

1. This building will not be stormed
2. The broadcast will not be slowed down, not interrupted for even a second, and not edited.
3. For clarity: No information at the bottom of the screen, no subtitles. If the conditions are met, we will be let free. I will repeat once again..."