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Utah: our most fiscally responsible state. Debt: $442/person, state Union pension obligation: $7272/person

Political Litmus Test: Bluest States Spilling The Most Red Ink

Neil Weinberg, 02.25.10, 10:30 AM EST
Powerful unions, big spending put Democratic states in deepest fiscal holes.

In Pictures: Bluest States Spilling The Most Red Ink

Debt Weight Scorecard
What's Your State's Moocher Ratio?
State Fiscal Rankings

Want to know which states are in the worst financial condition? One telling indicator that might not immediately come to mind is whether most of its citizens identify themselves as Democrats.

The five states in the worst financial condition--Illinois, New York, Connecticut, California and New Jersey--are all among the bluest of blue states. The five most fiscally fit states are more of a mix. Three--Utah, Nebraska and Texas--boas


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