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Cops Tazer Child 19 Times Leaving Him in a Coma

16yo falls off bridge, breaks back, then cops taze him 19 times into coma.

"16-year-old kid was tasered underneath a bridge as he lay on the ground with a broken back from his fall. At 1:55 of the video, a police captain explains that this kid, with a broken back, “refused to comply with the officers” (to stand up). Then he reaches into his desperate bag and claims that the kid was incoherently spouting off phrases about “killing cops” and “shooting cops,” giving the poor, undermanned officers some “concern.”"

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Added: Aug-19-2009 
By: HydrogenEconomy
Tags: tazer, taser, broken, back, 16, teen, refused, comply, 19, tazered, tasered
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