MUSLIM refugee creates problem in Supermarket but Germans don't take his NONSENSE

Many Thanks to our LiveLeak member KNOEDEL from Germany who has translated this video as follows:

Refugee wanted a free sim card for his phone. The cashier lady refused to give him the card free and asked him to PAY for it. This annoyed the muslim so he picked up two bottles of wine to threaten her. A customer tried to calm him down and shake his hand as a gesture of friendship but the muslim was not interest and got violent.

As this was the third incident with a refugee on that day and in this supermarket, the German police refused to turn up because they where also sick of this shit. A few guys then dragged the Muslim idiot out. After that for the next three weeks the stupid German press called all locals involved NAZIs. Our own government, police and press don't care about us and protect these MUSLIM rapefugees no matter what crimes they commit. This is the new Merkel's Germany where we German people have no rights anymore.




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Location: Germany

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