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Another 2cent activist wasting the cops time

He hangs around in the park by himself with an AR-15 then acts all surprised that someone would call the cops on him (even tho by his own admission this has happened to him numerous times)
He doesnt even have the guts to acknowledge that he was walking around just for a police confrontation. He has to come up with a cock and bull story about waiting for a girl atleast man up and admit the fact you are an activist you pussy no wonder you need to walk around with a gun in a park and film yourself to treat your small dick syndrome.

He has over a dozen such videos of him getting confronted by the Oregon police while he carries his AR-15 .He goes by the name MarkedGuardian

This is what he had to say about himself
I am a Constitutional guardian and activist, at the same time a Libertarian that will defend the Individual rights of Life, Liberty, and Property against Tyrannical and Colle

Added: Aug-20-2012 
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