Come and See (1985) with English subtitles recently requested that I subtitle Belarusian film "Come and See," I found that someone has already done so, but it's not on utubes, hence the upload. Yeah, it's weird, but so is the crowd here on LL. Sorry it's in three parts, it would take a few hours to stitch it back together with the software that I have, didn't feel like doing it.
At the time this Belarusian film was first screened in the Soviet Union it was so shocking to the public that ambulances had to patrol the movie theaters where it was shown.
This film has 95% "certified fresh" rating on Rotten tomatoes and was an inspiration to Tarantino and Ridley Scott.
This was the last film Belarusian director made. After making the film he said he was too exhausted and felt that he said everything that he wanted to say in the film. He died in 2003.

Roger Ebert on

It's said that you can't make an
effective anti-war film because war by its nature is exciting, and the
end of the film belongs to the survivors. No one would ever make the
mistake of saying that about Elem Klimov's "Come and See." This 1985
film from Russia is one of the most devastating films ever about
anything, and in it, the survivors must envy the dead. - Roger Ebert.

To the mods: this movie is old and was made in the country that does not exist anymore (BSSR), it is in the public domain, so please don't delete it. And it's very LL-worthy.

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