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Russia Military Map, Sep. 4, 2015

This week’s most interesting developments concern international
cooperation. King Abdallah II’s visit to MAKS-2015 demonstrates, aside
from the failure of US efforts to isolate Russia, the possibility of
Russia drawing Jordan over to its point of view concerning the security
of the Middle East. With wars waging on its periphery, Jordan’s
leadership can hardly be thrilled with the US efforts so far in that
region. The visit by the submarine Novorossiysk to the Spanish naval
base of Ceuta likewise exploits the tension between the US-UK
“co-empire” and, well, The Rest of the World.
Other news of the week reveal the nature of the current military
concerns and priorities. The most likely threat scenario remains a
conventional threat somewhere on Russia’s borders threatening to
escalate all the way to a nuclear exchange (as the most recent RVSN
exercise sug


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