Rep. Maxine Waters prank called, falls for it, believes Limpopo is a country and that Putin hacked her TV feed

TL;DR - Russian phone hooligans called up Congresswoman Maxine Waters because they heard about her saying Putin has invaded Korea and wanted to check how gullible she is.
They pretended to be Prime Minister of Ukraine, set up "official" phone contact, and spent like 20 minutes getting her to believe increasingly insane claims.
Some notable fails:
- Limpopo isn't a country, much less one suffering from Russian hacking
- Russia did not invade Gabon
- Russia hasn't hijacked control of C-SPAN
- Vovan and Lexus aren't "Putin's advisors in charge of election hacking" (those are the nicknames of the phone hooligans) etc. etc.
- They also talk about Hillary (more details in comments)



By: Tatzhit (575.90)

Tags: politics, Maxine Waters, prank, phone hooligans, Ukraine, Tatzhit, Lexus and Vovan, Putin, Red Scare, Russian hacking

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