Blackwell Briggs Leaked CCTV/Surveillance proposal

Blackwell Briggs are the villains.

This LEAKED video is meant to be viewed by British Parliament members and to help convince them to enforce a bill that restricts and limits mobile technologies and allows for private security measures to be taken without informing the public being surveilled.

It’s like the Patriot Act 2.0! What are you going to do about it?

From Blackwell Briggs website:


URGENT: Statement regarding The Pirate Bay and The Conspiracy For Good

On the 18th of May 2010, a group of individuals identifying themselves as The Conspiracy For Good and acting as cyber-terrorists stole a piece of private material. They then leaked the file into the public forum via The Pirate Bay. Purporting themselves to be nothing more than purveyors of free speech and Robin Hoods of the internet, The Pirate Bay and to a greater extent, The Conspiracy For Good are not just mischief-makers and petty thieves, they are criminals. These are individuals that compromise the advancement of the free market, attack personal privacy and corrode intellectual property and the ownership of information. Leaks of this nature are a testament to why extreme measures must be taken when protecting the safety and security of society. As a shareholder in the company, you can be rest-assured that Blackwell Briggs takes attacks like this very seriously and we assure you that measures have been taken to assure these frauds and felons are halted from future activities of this nature.

Thank you,

Blackwell Briggs
- video encodings still in process -