Muslims riot for the fourth night in a row

STOCKHOLM for the fourth night in a row going on the riots in Husby and in several other places in Stockholm. A police officer has been injured and had to go to hospital, several cars have been set on fire and the police have now taken a cautious and defensive tactics which means that it will not intervene in the same way against the burning cars and throwing stones.

Riots in Husby continues tonight with several car fires and has spread to many parts of Stockholm. According to Expressen has emergency now stopped going out in less car fires to avoid throwing stones at them and their vehicles. The police would not intervene against the alien gang which stands for the riots but instead has taken a cautious and defensive tactics according to reports. A policeman was also reached in the head by an object in Hagsätra and taken to hospital by ambulance. Although glazing in buildings have been smashed in the area. talked earlier today with one of the relatively few Swedes who live in Husby and he looks provided on the situation.
- I'm fucking pissed about this. Who wants to live in a place like this society anyway? I'm sick of tired of this. And what the hell do we do when the police do not even dare to take action against those who throw stones and destroy?

A firefighter also writes on Facebook that he was the victim of stone throwing, a stone went through the box on the fire truck and hit the man in the head - luckily, he had a helmet on them and did therefore without damage. One of the Swedish Radio cars have also been vandalized and SL have set the green line between Hagsätra and Högdalen. In Fruängen have one or more persons arrested for arson and Hjulsta burning vehicles containing gas cylinders.

According to information, it should be far more aggressive mood right tonight and the gangs that go around and destroy and conduct war against society to be both larger and higher than previous nights.

It also burns in Malmö and Gothenburg as reported.

Fire department chooses not to go up to the burning cars in Jordbrovägen to threat is too strong

In Rågsved has another policeman injured.
In Rågsved in southern Stockholm police station was set on fire.

- It is part of the police office that burned but the fire was extinguished by a patrol in place, says Towe Hägg at Stockholm police.

It also burns in Jakobsbergsgatan.
SL have set the bus service in parts of Norsborg.
, it burns in Hjulsta, Tapiola, Salem, Jordbrovägen, it has burned even in Norsborg tonight

Police officers have been attacked with a green laser in Husby.
A car burns at the Sollentuna C.

Three cars are on fire in central Malmö.
vandalism in progress in Husby.
A car has been burning in Hagsätra and several cases of vandalism such as broken windows.
has also burned cars in Farstavägen and Kista.

Five people will be arrested for arson in Fruängen.

There is car fires between Landala and Vasastan in Gothenburg.