German MILAN - Peshmerga best weapons against ISIS

German MILAN - Peshmerga best weapons against ISIS

Peshmerga who is the best fighting force on the ground against the Islamic State, but they are very poorly armed. Germany started arming Kurds in September 2014.

It includes 60 Milan anti-tank rocket launchers with 1000 rockets, Germany has also sent 240 armour-piercing bazookas, 8,000 G3 rifles with two million rounds, and 8,000 of the newer G36 rifles, with four million rounds. Forty MG3 machine guns are also on the list, and 8,000 pistols. More than 100 military vehicles has also been sent - mostly troop transporters.

The German weapons was used by Peshmerga on the battle of Zumar, battle of Mosul Dam, battle of Kobane, battle of Jalawla, battle of Sinjar and battle of Kerkuk.

These weapons have been very successful in the fight against ISIS, and so far none of the weapons have been left in the battlefield or in the hand of ISIL unlike the Iraqi army. German media has also praised the Kurds for their bravery.