Wandering without borders - along whole Earth's coastline!

Explorer, artist, man? Where is he from? Why we ask such questions? He is from Russia but could live in any country on any land. Vlad, this is his name, lives on the Earth and as its citizen thinks so way: why we need go through borders? Between countries, religions, languages. Are we so very different? Have earth habitants really to be afraid of each other?

He lives on the Earth and wanders without borders. There are good people in any country, only politics does them be bad often. Vlad has understanding of that, he realizes a good idea -- life for people without borders. And as an artist he imagines our planet with continents having only natural borders ? along seas ? and a man wandering there. This may be any habitant when needed. You should have some things -- bicycle, small boat or flying device and strong feet with desire to be Earth?s man.

World without borders for all people. Liberty of real natural life. And his project has name Edem that is quite to be realized not only in heaven. Edem is ethical and ecological movement. It is really the first in the world history journey around the Earth ? exactly around the land: along the coastline of continents by environmentally friendly transport. Project proves that ethics and ecology are the main values for saving and development of life on the Earth. That`s why UNO committee working with environmental problems - UNEP, made Ketov its official representative - UNEP GLOBE TROTTER.

Now Vlad is going to close "Artic ring" and of course he needs support to do this. To wander in the north is more difficult but so better for finish!