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(PLA) China/Chinese Nuclear bomb testing 1967

Footage of a Chinese airdropped bomb in the megaton energy range. Note what appears to be the sun in the fireball sequence to the left of the fireball.

Thanks to goldenpanda for translating the narration:

"bomb away!"

"The hydrogen bomb gently falls toward the ground. It will be exploding 2900 meters above ground level"

"9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, detonate!"

"June 17th 1967, at 8:20am, our nation's first hydrogen bomb achieved success!"

"A brightness appears by the fireball. It is indeed the sun."

"From the first atomic explosion to the first thermo-nuclear explosion, it took USA 7 years 3 months, took the Soviet Union 4 years, took the United Kingdom 4 years 7 months (translator's note: france had not exploded hydrogen at this time). Our nation worked just over 2 years to achieve the momentus leap from atomic to hydrogen."

"We now know in 1952, USA exploded a 65

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