County Council liable for ALL your bills! - by white rabbit

Some of you seem to like to troll my channel, I am fine with that so long as you watch the clips. Try and give intelligent arguments and reasoned statements rather than "pay your bills", type comments.

The clips that I share are for information purposes only. Whilst a lot of them deal with legal matters.

This information should not to be construed as legal advice in any way shape or form. For
entertainment purposes only. Big thanks to Pete for the heads up on this
- you know who you are bro x. We love Paul Weller and the Style Council
- go buy his albums and dvds. The Jam were cool too! El Spaniardo is a
stage name. We cannot guarantee success, but we will highlight their
policies - all information retrieved from the public domain.

If you don't like the clips then there is no reason to watch gang.

Peace out.