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'I wed Iranian girls before execution'

A youth's mother begs the Basij to take her son in, fearing his addiction to drugs and having lost his father in the war. Tasked initially with executing females, he relates how he raped women and girls slated for execution since islam forbids the execution of virgins. However they would fight back, fearing the 'wedding night' more than the actual execution, so sleeping pills were placed in their food.
In the west bank/gaza girls are raped and given an ultimatum to bomb a checkpoint (since their families would kill them to retain honor): when there, they signal they have a bomb, and IDF interrogates them, then gives a passport and new identity to escape the region.

The 150,000 strong Pasdaran/Revolutionary Guards control the 20 million Basij: The Posduron like Hitler's SS and the Basij like general troops, the muscle.



Added: Jul-21-2009 
By: HydrogenEconomy
Iraq, Iran, Middle East
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