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Night Vision Technology And Devices in German Armed Forces (WWII)

Advancements in science and technological progress in 30’s Germany allowed two companies AG (or AEG — Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft) and Zeiss (or Leitz) to develop first IR gear — Infrarotstrahlung (IR) and Ultrarotstrahlung (UR).

In 1936, AEG was ordered to start the development of infrared night-vision devices and in 1939, first successful prototype unit for use with 37mm Pak 35/36 L/45 anti-tank gun was constructed. In autumn of 1942, unit for use (infrared headlamp with viewer ZG 1221) with 75mm PaK 40 L/46 anti-tank gun was constructed. After the World War II started and until 1944 Wehrmacht equipped over three hundred night fighting Panthers with 200-mm infra-red searchlights FG 1250 and a BIWA (Bildwandler — image converters) with effective night viewing range to 600 meters.

Panther-mounted Infrarotstrahlung Night Vision.

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