Embarrassing Armed Robbery Fail; "Gimme Yo Money...", "NOPE"

Not everything went to script for the aspiring criminal mastermind last seen attempting to rob the Bendigo Williamson Street 24 hour convenience store equipped with typical stickup man accouterments of a black balaclava and gun in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week.

CCTV footage of the ten second armed robbery attempt shows the young man approaching the counter with a gun (note the side grip) before a daringly nonchalant store assistant whose balls can be seen from space declines his demands for cash. Foiled by 'nope', the mystery criminal is then seen attempting to pretend like it never happened, moonwalking out of the store and into the waiting passenger seat of a silver Holden Commodore parked on Hopper Street.

It is our hope that he subsequently died of embarrassment. "

source: www.pedestrian.tv/news/arts-and-culture/bendigo-armed-robber

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