Angry Football Fan Smashes His TV and Laptop

Read the description if you wish to fully comprehend what is going on in this video. It may or may not contain spoiler.
----------------------------------------This guy has been trolled by his partner/wife while he was watching Croatia vs Turkey Euro 2016 football match which was played on 12 June 2016. Woman placed a hidden camera and used her mobile phone application to turn off the Smart TV at the most exciting moments of the match.

At the beginning of the video, Croatia scores a goal and sets the score for 1-0.

Woman asks: 'what happened, why are you angry?'.
He responds: 'the opponent team has scored a goal'.
Woman: 'so we are the champions now?'
He gets angry: 'yes we are the champions now. They scored a goal against us and so we are the champions. You are totally ignorant about football. I told you earlier, don't ever watch a football match with me! When I watch a football match, I get very excited and when you ask me stupid questions while I am on it, I lose my mind. I have also placed a bet on this match!'

Later on the video, she explains her sinister plan and begins executing it. At some point, he asks for help from the woman to fix the TV but she never responds. Besides, if you wonder what he keeps shouting, it is mostly random swearing, and his favorite phrase seems to be 'God damn it'.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. Hope you enjoy the video!


By: decabolde (76.70)

Tags: angry, smash, TV, laptop, match, football, soccer, Croatia, Turkey, Euro 2016, Euro, wife, partner, husband, hidden camera, troll

Location: Turkey