Banish Pit Bulls, Uncle Pleads

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in Eastpointe Michigan.Uncle of Toddler Reacts.

EASTPOINTE, Mich. - An uncle makes a passionate plea one day after his eleven-month-old nephew was killed by the family's pit bull.

Terrence Lovejoy pleaded with the public Tuesday not to trust pit bulls and to get rid of the dogs. His nephew died Wednesday when he was attacked by a pit bull at a house on Nevada in Eastpointe. Both parents were home and in the room.

"It was a sneak attack that the dog did on my nephew. My nephew was standing and the dog came up behind him and just grabbed him. He never growled. He never barked. He never gave any indication that there was going to be any problem," said Lovejoy.

The boy's father shot and killed the dog, but it was too late. The eleven-month-old could not be revived.

Lovejoy says the dog was aggressive outside protecting the yard, but inside the house it was a loving family pet. The couple raised the pit bull from a puppy. They had the dog for five years.

"I know there's a love affair with the pit bull. Parents, neighbors get rid of them. They're sent from Satan. ... There's no good that comes out of these dogs," Lovejoy said.

The names of the boy and his parents are not being released, but Lovejoy says the couple tried for seventeen years to have a baby and this was their miracle child. He would have turned one in May.

"We were preparing for his first birthday. We now have to prepare for a funeral," said Lovejoy.

Police believe it is possible the dog may have been jealous of the love and attention the parents gave their son and that may have triggered the deadly attack.
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