Pro-illegal Mexican alien CA Senator tells citizens to go out to the fields and PICK STRAWBERRIES

Sacramento Governmental Organization SB 10 Hearing
CA State Senator Mike McGuire of Santa Rosa 916-651-4002 lashed out at Citizen Lobbyists who testified in opposition to State Senator Ricardo Lara's bill SB 10, which would establish the Governor Office of New Americans - to assist illegals - funded by tax dollars and private groups such as nonprofits, oftentimes funded by taxpayers. State Senator McGuire advocated for illegals and denounced 14 Citizen Lobbyists, who testified in support of immigration law enforcement. SB 10 passed out of the committee with 7 Democrats voting yes, 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat did not cast a vote. You can watch the hearing at:;amp;clip_id=2800 Video filmed by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising

Senator Mike McGuire