BIG Erupting Volcanoes in Guatemala and Peru 24 April 2014

Wide shot of rock and lava spewing out of volcano crater into the sky2. Lava and pyroclastic material shooting up into sky and flowing down sides of volcano3. Various of volcano emitting column of ash and smoke4.

AP CLIENTS ONLYMoquegua, Peru - Unknown Date (Released 21 April,

Various footage of volcano spewing ash and gas columns CHANNEL 7 - NO ACCESS PERU Moquegua, Peru - 21 April, 20146.

Zoom in to gas cloud billowing from crater of volcano 7.Pull out of thick grey cloud of smoke billowing from volcano8. Volcano ash shooting up, past clouds 9.

up from home to volcano spewing ash in the
backgroundSTORYLINE:Volcanoes in Peru and Guatemala continued emitting
ash and lava as part of increased volcanic activity over the past few
days.Early on Wednesday, Guatemala's Volcan del Fuego, or Volcano of
Fire, was spewing lava and pyroclastic material into the sky which then
flowed down its slopes.The 12,346-foot-high (3,763-metre) volcano,
overlooks the picturesque city of Antigua and is one of the Central
America's most active volcanoes.

Located in the Chimaltenango
department, about 60 kilometres (37 miles) from the capital of
Guatemala, the volcano has seen an increase in activity over the last
few days, said Amilcar Calderas Cardenas, an expert from the National
Institute of Seismology, Volcanology and Hydrology.

three explosions in Peru's Ubinas volcano over the weekend sent a large
column of gas and ashes shooting up more than 4,800 metres (15,748 feet)
above the crater, according to local media reports.

The winds transported the ashes as far as Arequipa, some 70 kilometres from the volcano.

mining and geological institute (INGEMMET) released what appeared to be
time-lapse video of the volcano spewing massive columns of ash and

The 18,609-foot (5,672-metre) Ubinas is Peru's most active volcano.