Paraglider near mid air collision with airplane in Sweden 2013-10-13

Paraglider near mid air collision with airplane, extremely close to a disaster.

Here is the google translation:
Here passes the plane paraglide the wire with the smallest possible margin. The drama was extremely close to end in a tragedy - both for the aviator and the pilot.
- It shook the whole body for 20 minutes afterwards , said shield aviator .

The dramatic video was taken by a 43 year old paragliders Härkeberga outside Enköping/Sweden on Saturday. He was at 300 meters, anchored in a wire , when a private aircraft was passing at breakneck speed under him. The plane was only a few feet from flying straight into the wire - which could have had disastrous consequences.

- Everything went so fast. I was greatly shocked, freed me from the rope and landed , said shield aviator who made over one hundred flights before. " A couple of feet from a true breakdown "
Once on the ground , he realized how close to a complete breakdown, he was.

- It shook the whole body for 20 minutes afterwards , he says.
The rope is used to pull up the paraglider aviator where it is flat land and can not run to get up in the air. When the aviator is high enough connected he loose. If the plane had hit the wire wing had been broken , says Björn Hårdstedt , President of Fenix ​​screen flying club .

- It was a few feet from a real accident , he says.
Requires paraglider airports is marked After the incident , he was in contact with the pilot's flying club . According Hårdstedt saw the pilot simply not the cable but thought paraglider airman found himself free in the air .

- Of course they are also very upset , it's one of the flight Sweden says Härstedt .
Now he wants to places in the country that is used for paragliding is marked in order to fold a future disaster - both for paragliding pilots DEVICES and security.

- All agree that this needs to be addressed in some way , he says.
Paraglider aviator was feeling under the circumstances and could later resume the flight.