Dead man watches football match at the stadium; Colombia perplexed

Police in the Colombian city of Cucuta were investigating Monday who allowed a dead body in a casket into the stadium for the match between Cucuta Deportivo and Envigado.

The body of Christopher Jacome, 17, unsettled many in the stands for the Sunday Colombian championship game, which ended 1-1.

Cucuta hooligans brought the casket into the stadium as a tribute to Jacome, who was one of their number and was murdered Saturday as he played football in a local park.

Fellow hooligans apparently wanted him to be able to go to the stadium 'one last time,' the Cucuta daily La Opinion reported Monday, so they took the body from the funeral home where a wake was being held.

Cucuta Police commander Alvaro Pico described this as 'an unfortunate incident' and said some of those carrying the casket had been identified.

Cucuta Deportivo's doctor, Julio Rivera, was 'perplexed' that authorities announce strict controls on stadiums to bar violent hooligans from entering and yet let those hooligans inside the stadium with a corpse.

'They will not let in the hooligans, but they do let in a corpse. This is the only place in the world where such a thing happens,' he said.