Another poem by the Ancient Greek poet Anacreon interpated and recited by Orion.

Anacreon composed this poem in order to make fun of Eros/Cupid the Greek God of Love and son of Aphrodite.

Bellow you can find the lyrics in ancient Greek, modern Greek and even a translation in English by Orion.

<span title="Ο έρωτας που κάποτε στα ρόδα είχε πάει
">Eros that once tried to cut a rose
<span title="μια μέλισσα δεν πρόσεξε κι εκείνη τον τσιμπάει.
">A bee he did not notice sting him in his finger .
<span title="Το δάχτυλό του πόνεσε,οδύρεται και κλαίει
">His finger hurts and he


By: Orionanthemous (602.00)

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