Officer Punches Student At Least 27 Times At University Of Western Ontario

LONDON, Ontario — Accusations of police brutality are being leveled at city police and the University of Western Ontario's campus police after a video surfaced on YouTube showing six officers beating a suspect during an arrest.

But city police and university officials say the disoriented and violent suspect was combative and resistant after campus police tried to arrest the 22-year-old who had barricaded himself in an upper floor office of the Social Sciences building.

City police were called to assist in the arrest around 5 p.m. and the student was eventually subdued and taken to hospital for observation before being charged with mischief, resisting arrest, assault, and escaping custody.

The video, shot by an unknown student, shows the suspect being kneed at least five times, struck with a telescopic baton at least six times and punched by one officer at least 27 times.

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