Not Only Deleted, But Blocked On YouTube

Not only did YouTube remove over ten years of my comments (keeping up my videos that no one sees), but, YouTube has a block on me as well so I can't even show those I had discussions with that only THEIR words still remain making it as if they are talking to themselves. Sharia has come to YouTube, folks. Why? Because only the videos that are pro-Islam get hundreds of thousands of views while those to try to expose Islam, not only have their videos blocked (like mine), but, their comments are removed as well now. If they are doing it to me, they are doing it to everyone who exposes Islam, for I am everyone who exposes Islam on a small scale. Anyone knows how this will turn out when Islam (that has Quran 9:1-5, 29, 111, 4:24, 34, 65:4, 5:33 in it) is now left unchallenged? Get ready to pay the jizyah (extortion tax) for not having your butt up in the air five times a day praying to the black stone.


By: Rammat (2175.90)

Tags: yoursay, YouTube, sharia, compliant, free speech, expression, censorship, dhimmitude,

Location: United States

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