Between 3.000 and 6.000 refugees per day enter in EU trough Serbia

"This is terrible, we don't have enough food, water, clothes, beds, first aid and we're short on stuff". Says N.G. from croatian red cross. He says that they have good communication with police from cratia and Serbia.

"If you ask me, this is invasion, and I'm not sure that rain and cold weather and winter that will soon begin will stop them", says policeman.

Croatian minister of police Ranko Ostojic says today that according to his informations, every day between 3.000 and 6.000 refugees / immigrants enter in croatia from Serbia.

"Serbia refuse to close border, and to made situation even worse, they organize mass transport of refugees to our border" says he.

Slovenia: Police and soldiers fired tear gas to refugees

At the border crossing Trnovec, about 22 hours last of about 1,800 people who have come here at night, after almost 20 hours in the rain finally entering in in Slovenia. The last buses arrived about 20 hours.

In order to get to transport migrants began to push with the Slovenian police, which at one time used tear gas.

According to reports, small children also were sprayed with tear gas.

For two weeks Croatia rises fence at Serbian border

"If Slovenia or Austria are drastically reduced after the influx of migrants, nor us no choice but to limit the number of persons coming from Serbia. In this case, the construction of the fence lasted for several weeks, because in some parts of the border work has been difficult because of natural barriers such the marshy land, "said the Jutarnji List source from the Croatian government.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic repeatedly said that the raising of the walls on the border with Serbia, "the last of cloud solutions" and that Croatia does not want to, because it is "wrong and bad".

Refugees: croats treat us worse than animals !!

Majority of this refugees enter in Croatia from Serbia, they are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya tnd they passing on the route trough Balkan peninsula into a heart of europe (Germany, France, UK / England, Sweden etc.).

- I do not know why we never let go. Do they not see how many there are women and children? These children have actually stayed on his feet. There's nowhere to sit, let alone lie down. We crossed half the world, but this is the worst. The police were beating, pushing, cursing us, they forced us to sit in deep mud - explains Ali Ramid from Afghanistan.

- They know that we have to endure. They have a few years, but adults are suddenly in the last month fleeing the destruction. Just so the sooner we get somewhere that they are coated - says Maja Arid, Mom ot the little girls.

Serbian Prime minister: Serbia will not close borders

Prime minister of Serbia aleksandar vucic says today that he think that closed borders and fences won't solve problem of refugees.

"Serbia is not concentration camp, everyone is welcome here. And if they don't want to stay, we will not stop them. Borders will be open, as long as I am prime minister", says he and add:

"Our friends from EU told us that it wouldnt be smart to close borders, because only uncivilized and undemocratic states do that".