Human genome code - reengineering manufacturing plant

watch the plastic all around me. Also the reflections in the mirror behind me. You can see these beams moving with me and arcing. I can post the original recording for anyone interested.
There's over 20 minutes of footage with these life energy gadgets of the manufacturing plant where they're holding a copy of my soul in their computers and arc it to the sun .

They've been doing this to me since I was 2. They removed a copy of my 'life energy' using a large scale USB memory stick with satellites aimed at my head and car batteries and magnets lined up along a sidewalk in Chicago. The gangbangers did this on a number of ocassions: my front and back torso, left tibia nerve, brainstem, face, skull/brain through top of head. And fried my feet. something about the ground wire. Have videos very similar to this where the sand, grass, leaves, etc. form different images very similar and attack the same way.

They're using this to arc my orgasm, which they manipulate, to the pure pain they cause you and your soul. You can see this arcing in process. Watch for the bounce in the camera; from one angle to another. This is the arc.