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Robots with bear faces could rescue injured

BALTIMORE — With small, perky ears and big, round eyes, the Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot may look like your average teddy bear, but standing 6-feet tall and weighing 380 pounds, this bear isn’t built to be cuddled.

Engineers at College Park-based Vecna Technologies Inc. have developed the human-shaped robot, known as the BEAR, to carry wounded soldiers from dangerous battlefields with forklift-like arms.

U.S. soldiers risk their lives to pull fallen friends from harm’s way, said Vecna President Daniel Theobald, a hazard he hopes the BEAR can eliminate when it’s ready for mass production in three to five years.

The robot has the face of a teddy bear to comfort soldiers who might fear the otherwise “grotesque-looking” machine, Theobald said.

“Let’s send an object out there that we don’t have to write home to its wife or family if it gets shot,” Theobald said. “If the BEA

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