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Turkish ground operation continue - Second Day of Operation Sun

Latest News: "Second Day in Operation Sun"
-Burgundy Berets captured camp Zap, Hill Chemcho, Chemcho valley. 28 terrorists and 2 terrorist leaders killed by commandos in Zap.
-Clashes continue in camp Khaqurq and Khaftanin.
-A lot of F-16s and 50 Cobras support Turkish troops.
-F-16s hit Qandil mountains.
-2 AA battaries destroyed by commandos near Zap.
-Terrorists want escape into deep of Iraq, but Blackhawks carried special forces teams to escape routes.
-Turkish heavy artilleries hit Avashin, Amediye and Haqurq this morning.
-Iraqi president Talabani's web site announced; "Turkish artilleries hit Rekan, Nerwe, Ergosh and Mawet."

Sources; *Iraqi president Talabani's web site
*Regional forces

***Turkish Military didn't announced any info today.***

Added: Feb-23-2008 
By: omurpasha
Iraq, Middle East
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