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American arguing with Chinese over sharing seat space with others 

The Chinese guy took too much seat space and didn't want share with others when someone tried to sit there. The American guy criticized his bad behavior while the Chinese man said

"It's none of your business. You Americans have no right to criticize Chinese in China. You think you Americans are more civilized? I tell you we Chinese are much more civilized than you Americans. Don't think you are the first class citizens in China. It is you Americans that cause so many troubles in China. You have been oppressing us Chinese for so many years and you can't do so anymore..."

but the American responded that he would criticize anyone with bad, uncivilized behaviors like this in any country, including in the States. Obviously the bystanders didn't like the Chinese man's behavior but they were too afraid to stand up againt him. The American spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese looked pr

Added: Aug-18-2012 
By: Lake8737
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