Security Video Released In Mall Store Heist

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Police released video on Tuesday as part of their investigation into a violent smash and grab robbery of a jewelry store at Cumberland Mall.

At 10:30 Monday morning, four suspects -- all of them armed -- ran through a busy Cumberland Mall, directly to Crown Jewelers. Police said they are thankful no one confronted them -- especially a security guard or police officer, because things could have blown up.

The four suspects, wearing military style fatigues, and with their faces covered, entered the Crown Jewelry store like it was a commando raid. One suspect leapt over counters, another carried a long barrel gun and pointed it at the store owner, another climbed over the counter and grabbed the store owner by the neck, pointing a handgun into his face.

Then it's a smash and grab -- display cases were smashed using fists and weapons. Within minutes, the cases were cleaned out of the first things they can grab.

The video shows a few seconds from different camera angles. Cobb County police said the four suspects were in the store for less than a couple of minutes. They ran through the mall with their loot and into the parking lot at the north end of the mall. A getaway vehicle was standing at the curb, motor running, a fifth suspect in the driver seat.

Police said they are still trying to locate the white 2003 to 2005 four door Pontiac Bonneville.

The video is very telling -- telling police they need to get these guys off the street as soon as possible.

Cobb County has an anonymous tip line to call with information -- 770-499-4111 .

One of their first priorities was to contact other area law enforcement agencies to see if these suspects had struck before. But so far, there are no matches. Cobb police said this could be their first robbery. Unfortunately, they don't think it will be their last.